A Sertifier alternative that switch things up without burning a hole in your pocket

Here's the best sertifier alternative that deserves your attention. How does CertifyMe rank in this comparison?

Both CertifyMe and Sertifier have great potential to make lives easier for education and training institute professionals and the students/recipients who have tried out almost every unique method to stack up paper certificates without losing one. But CertifyMe has taken the industry by storm with its innovative and effective features that simplify lives. We will take a deep dive into each organization and then will find out what sets them apart from each other: 

Ranked #1 on G2 for enterprise digital credential management software.

Reward your students with verifiable, user friendly & secure blockchain-enabled credentials.

How competent are CertifyMe and Sertifier? Time to take a closer look at the organizations:

CertifyMe is a leading digital credentialing platform that is SaaS-based and blockchain supported. The platform assists ed-tech, HRtech, training & development, government, and MNCs in maintaining a seamless certification process. 

From small to large, any organization can partner with CertifyMe to award badges to participants or students. These certificates hold all essential information that the awardees need to showcase to potential employers or institutions as proof of authenticity. It also verifies the skills the participants have acquired from a training program or course or the skills he/she had to participate in the program. 

The certificates of CertifyMe come with a BAR/QR code. It’s the powerhouse of information. Scanning these codes unleash all the essential details that an organization plans to verify.

CertifyMe also comes with several top-notch features, such as white-labeling, rebranding, job portal integration, cryptographic signature, LMS integration, and many more. All these make the credentialing process straightforward and streamlined. 

The white label feature allows complete control over the organization's image. If an institution decides to share credentials that appear authentic and no third party is involved in credentialing, then this is the perfect feature to opt for.

The immutable documents of CertifyMe are a concept that prevents information theft. If an agency decides to share certificates in a way that doesn’t risk its business details, then CertifyMe has the perfect solution to address the issue.    

The user-friendliness of the platform, constant customer support, reasonably priced, customization option, 1-on-1 assistance, premium branding, and Canva-integration, the ease of using the platform makes it the best credentialing tool. It also offers social sharing on 40+ social media sites. 

Sertifier is similar to CertifyMe in its concept design. It’s another certification platform that also aims to deliver tamper-proof credentials and badges. 

Sertifier serves training providers, associations, corporates, and universities with digital badges and certificates. It works to ensure the quick creation of credentials.  

However, Sertifier lacks the job portal integration technique which plays a critical role in the success of the certification process. It also delivers limited information on social sharing and how many social sites it supports.

Digital certificates are for social sharing. A lack of details on this can be confusing for awardees. 

TRUSTED BY OVER 1600+ Institutions

CertifyMe vs. Sertifier

Sertifier is a SaaS-based digital credentialing platform that can be intimidating to deal with for its complex interface and implementation process. CertifyMe addresses the issue with great insights into the market and customer appreciation. The verifiable document generation tool streamlines the documentation process by following an easy-to-use interface and straightforward social sharing option.

Freedom to personalize certificates in a no code integration method


  • Quick and Hassle-free

Though Sertifier offers a range of templates to choose from, it’s nowhere near CertifyMe.  CertifyMe has led the way to flexibility in credential designing with Canva-integration. It allows the user complete freedom to craft designs that he/she approves, and execute it in real-time.


  • Affordable

Both Sertifier and CertifyMe offer Free Trial and Free Plan but the truth is in details. Up to 20 recipients can avail the Free Plan of Sertifier whereas CertifyMe is more of a patron that lets you use up to 50 credentials in its Free Plan.


  • Fit for All Use Cases

Whereas Sertifier solely focuses on the education sector and has designed the platform in a way that reflects this only, businesses might find it inconvenient during its implementation stage. CertifyMe has gone out of its way to build a platform that fits both the educational organizations and businesses.


  • Do Whatever on the Platform, You Won’t Be Lost

Sertifier might perplex users during the revelation stage but CertifyMe won’t! Its straightforward design and user interface enrich user experience. Figuring out the platform yourself is no hurdle even for the first-time users. Keeping clients happy and safe is our goal that we are proud of and hold with high regards

Why can’t even G2 resist from assigning CertifyMe a higher rating?

Free from Ambiguity

When Sertifier has bagged an overall score of 4.8/5, CertifyMe has come out on top with a rating of 4.9/5. A comparison carried out by the team G2 reveals CertifyMe offers a more streamlined use of the credentialing platform where implementation and meeting requirements are simple and effortless.    

Ample Resources

CertifyMe has clearly discerned its website in multiple sections to help visitors find out more about what they can do with the products and services. As an industry-partner for several sectors, the credentialing tool is designed to serve all the industries at the same level. 

Consistent Assistance

Sertifier might come with an easy external system connection but CertifyMe beats Sertifier with its more advanced yet simple connection feature. CertifyMe is praised for its interoperability and performance flexibility. Get rid of rigid certificate design themes and explore wider choices without being bugged about the technical support. The team of CertifyMe is available round the clock to keep your certification game on point. 

What if I choose to market using my digital certificates only?

CertifyMe has the perfect solution for this: white labeling. Using the platform, you have complete control over navbar, header and footer customization. It makes the certificate appear as issued by the institution only. Ensuring a seamless, trustworthy certificate appearance is something we are proud of and do not compromise with. 

How does the price compare with CertifyMe & Sertifier?

Which one to choose?

The discussion clearly mentions how far CertifyMe has come and how much it has achieved in its 2 years long stint. There is no better digital credentialing platform than CertifyMe when you are looking for an alternative to Sertifier. 

1,600+ organizations rely on CertifyMe for credentialing solutions. 

Don’t take our word. Our offering has been reviewed & rated as one the top organisations across the globe.

"By utilizing CertifyMe, we can enhance the overall student experience by offering certificates or badges that can be shared on social media platforms. This not only validates their achievements but also helps in promoting our educational institution and its offerings to a wider audience."

"CertifyMe help maximize the value of our training programs with their ease to use digital credential platform. If you are looking for a partner in digital badging rather than just a service provider, then CertifyMe is the place to go to. "


Ready to explore CertifyMe? It’s fuss-free, just talk to our experts.

CertifyMe is trusted by 102K+ users across 144 countries.

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