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What are digital credentials?

Digital credentials are digital representations of a person's skills, achievements, and qualifications. They provide verifiable evidence of a person's learning and can be easily shared with employers, educational institutions, or anyone who needs to verify their credentials.

How do digital credentials work?

Digital credentials are created and issued by organizations such as universities, training providers, or professional associations. They are usually stored on a blockchain or other secure platform, and the recipient can access them using a unique digital ID. Digital credentials contain information such as the issuer's name, the recipient's name, the name of the credential, and the date it was issued. They also include a QR/BARcode to trace back to the earning criteria of the certificate and acquired skills & knowledge.

How to create an account on CertifyMe?

CertifyMe has 4 plans available. You can check them out in the Pricing section. Decide the price tier or the plan most suitable for you, go to the Start Awarding button for the Free plan or Start My Free Trial section for Standard and Professional plans. Our customer support team is ready to take you on a tour to offer insights into the White Label plan. The Talk to Us section under the White Label plan redirects you to the support team.

Can I see a demo?

Yes. Check the demo here!

Is a yearly subscription possible?

CertifyMe follows a monthly subscription plan. However, we can design a yearly plan on special request. Talk to our team!

Is there any additional fee other than the mentioned amounts under the plans?

No. The setup or maintenance cost is covered by the plan benefits. However, you may need to pay extra for additional features.

Can I extend the yearly plan?


Do nonprofits get discounts?

Yes. Registered non-profits receive a certain amount of discount on their certification plans.

Should I choose a badge or a certificate?

Certificates reflect a traditional image and appear more like paper certificates. Badges exude a modern vibe that most organizations choose to recognize step-by-step improvement. No matter what you choose, the digital certificate & badges are easy to share online and prevent credential forgery.

Can we customize the credentials?

Yes, you can include custom data and logos in the certificates & badges.

Is bulk credentialing possible?

Yes. Manage the awardee information in a spreadsheet to maintain a seamless credentialing process. You can upload 1,000 credentials in one go.

Can I stick to my existing certificate design while issuing digital certificates through CertifyMe?


What are the available integrations?

CertifyMe seamlessly integrates with API, Zapier, and LMSs.


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