The Best Credly Alternative Everyone's Talking About in 2023

Credly alternative digital credentialing platform that allows organizations to create, issue, manage, and share digital badges and certificates.

CertifyMe is the latest alternative to Credly badges. If you are an organization that regularly releases certificates to hundreds of candidates or learners, time to generate them in a fraction of the time (along with saving a large monetary amount).Getting started with CertifyMe is hassle-free. If a comparison between CertifyMe and Credly simplifies the decision-making process, this article has the answer for you. But before that, let’s discuss in details both these companies:


CertifyMe is a new-age innovation that has set out on a mission to transform the way organizations and institutions deliver certificates, badges, or credentials. 

The SaaS-based virtual certification platform assists small, mid, and large-scale companies to simplify their credentialing process. The straightforward badge and certificate distribution process takes HR, L&D, Ed-tech, and E-commerce businesses to a new height of success. This makes certificate creation, issuing, and managing one of the simplest tasks. 

The task once took 48-72 hours to complete, now takes no more than 30 minutes. CertifyMe not only makes the certification process hassle-free but also more safe, transparent, and effective. 


Credly is a certificate management platform that enables users to easily access the credentials anytime, from anywhere. From educational institutions to training institutes, Credly works with a versatile customer group. It has made possible quick and easy credentialing that is also socially shareable. 

The platform is easy for LMS integration which makes the certification process seamless. Customers/users have plenty of LMS options to choose from. Thus, certificate tracking and management become fuss-free.

However, the lack of cost transparency of Credly is one of the most talked about downsides that we will discuss below. 

CertifyMe vs. Credly

Let me tell you why CertifyMe is considered one of the best credentialing platforms in the market and your choice to switch to CertifyMe is a commendable decision.

11 Reasons that Motivate Entities to Opt for CertifyMe: 

Free trial
Well-defined Categories
Simple, streamlined solutions and feature sections that are easy to understand. Simply checking the listed icons reveal the product details and the industries it serves
Freedom to Create Unlimited Certificates & Badges
No cap on the number of certificates/badges you can design. It’s Canva-integrated, so users can choose among the available templates or design personalized templates for the award program
User-friendly credentialing platform
Does what it claims. CertifyMe is all about digital certificates, virtual badges, and immutable transcripts. Just taking a glance at the website reflects a transparent picture: CertifyMe is set on a mission to make lives easier for institutions, students, and professionals
Precise Feature Section
Open to discussing features that play a major role in CertifyMe’s success. Also, enables feature customization. If an institute wants to integrate extras, it has the freedom to do so as the CertifyMe platform supports that
Comes with a Custom Wallet section to let organizations easily find the issued certificates.
Ease of sharing documents on 40+ social media channels through a click. Organizations can store all their students’ certificates in a single wallet without having to pile them up in separate spaces and face the risk of losing them or misplacing them.
Suitable for All Sizes of Companies
From small and mid-size organizations to enterprise-level companies, anyone can integrate CertifyMe with a range of LMSs with ease.
API, Zapier and LMS integration options are available.
School/college/universities, corporate training, L&D departments, Banking, Government and Associations.

" Jade Ables, Creative Director of Omni HR Consulting zoomed up on her organization's growth by partnering with CertifyMe. She has scaled up her business by automating her certificate issuing process. It not only keeps her ahead of the competition but also exudes an image of trustworthiness and authority. "

Need Help with Certification?
Experts are available to guide you through.

Credly acclaim alternative price

 Next Level Security, Quick Credentialing

CertifyMe is a foolproof platform for digital certifications that enables you to control and manage your credentialing necessities. Not happy with our designs? Complete freedom to design your badges and certificates that mirror your authentic brand image. And all these in a blink of an eye.

Customer Experiences that They Always Cherish

Simple integration in LMSs and automation procedure of certificates make CertifyMe a next-level digital credentialing platform that delivers a hassle-free user experience. From ease of monitoring the way awardees are engaging with your certificates and badges to a single compilation space i.e. wallet, customer satisfaction, and website functionality keep us a few steps ahead. 

Check what others think:


4.9 out of 5

CertifyMe is the industry's most trusted digital credentialing SaaS platform that enables trainers, teachers, event marketers, and HR professionals to award verifiable digital Certificates and Badges with just a couple of clicks. 800+ global brands trust CertifyMe's credentialing platform to automate their credential issuing process.


4.9 out of 5

Credly allowing you to create, manage, and monitor all aspects of your credentialing, certificate, or badge program. Credly’s digital badging platform offers the most comprehensive features to design and issue badges, enterprise-class functionality to scale and manage programs, and enhanced analytics to measure success. 

CertifyMe is trusted by 102K+ users across 144 countries.

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