The Best Certifier Alternative to Meet Your Credentialing Needs

A smart alternative to Certifier, CertifyMe, is a revamped and simple credentialing platform, approved by G2

A digital certification platform which issues badges and certificates. It serves education, training and corporate sectors with verifiable certificates and badges. The portal also works toward maintenance of safety protocols, transparency and effective credentialing. 

CertifyMe is considered the best alternative to Certifier. The concept behind the credentialing platform, CertifyMe is similar to Certifier but advanced. CertifyMe does not just create and issue certificates but the focus also remains on simple certificate management. The platform aims for safety, transparency, affordability and efficiency.

Ranked #1 on G2 for enterprise digital credential management software.

Reward your students with verifiable, user friendly & secure blockchain-enabled credentials.

TRUSTED BY OVER 1600+ Institutions

8 reasons to shift your certification account to CertifyMe

Table Image
Table Image
Free Trial
$65/month for 2000 credentials
$79/month for 1000 certificates
Comparatively complex
API, Zapier, Integrately, and LMS Plugins
API, Zapier
Dedicated Account Manager
Canva Integration
Available from the professional edition
Earning Criteria
Certificates hold with great detail all the information of students/awardees and the assessments they have gone through to acquire the badge or certificate
No such information available
$20/month plan offers 500 credentials a year
$19 monthly plan allows issuing up to 250 certificates

Let’s take a deep dive into both these organizations before uncovering the reasons:

1. ROI

The $19 monthly plan of Certifier allows issuing up to 250 certificates whereas the $20/month plan of CertifyMe offers 500 credentials a year. The $1 difference can offer you 250 credentials Extra when you collaborate with CertifyMe. We understand that value for money is the first considerable factor that influences the decision-making process. Certifier also doesn’t offer a Free Trial, that's the USP of CertifyMe. Being a new participant in the domain of digital credentials, CertifyMe doesn’t let it define the company culture. CertifyMe is a step ahead in the cut-throat competition between these two.

2. Dedicated Account Manager

The certification program handling can be intricate at times. When there is little to no time to invest in getting queries solved or needing urgent assistance, CertifyMe dominates the sector. Certifier has no dedicated account manager to support clients in their credentialing program/account handling. CertifyMe has addressed the issue by arranging an account manager who handles the complete digital certification process or assists during complications.

3. Free Trial

Nothing is better than a Free feature. A free trial enables users to get a grip on what to expect in a platform. Certifier has no such Free feature. It prevents one from brainstorming what to expect or how one can make the best use of it. CertifyMe enables users to test the water before subscribing to the platform without charging extra.   

4. Simple UX and UI

The website of Certifier might give an impression of being one of the simplest credentialing platforms but the reality is different. CertifyMe does not pretend, it simply exhibits how simple a platform can be that deals with some of the most complex and new technologies and concepts. 

CertifyMe readily shows how straightforward the digital certificates issuing medium is. It stops you from second guessing by offering a Free Trial option. Use it to test the waters. 

5. Canva-Integration

CertifyMe is not like Canva, it’s Canva. Confused? CertifyMe comes with integrated Canva which enables users to operate the platform in the same way as Canva. Certifier might showcase hundreds of template options but the real deal is integration of a popular designing platform that everyone is familiar with. The Canva-integration allows users to create as many designs and also re-create the existing templates as per their brand picture/image.

6.  Earning Criteria

This is an essential feature of digital credentialing platforms that CertifyMe has taken into consideration. But Certifier, not so much! CertifyMe certificates hold with great detail all the information of students/awardees and the assessments they have gone through to acquire the badge or certificate. The credentials also highlight the newly gained knowledge and skills of the recipients. This feature not only helps participants but also reflects a positive brand impression of the organization. When skill exhibitions become so simple, a higher number of applicants will choose institutions or centers that offer CertifyMe approved certificates.  

7. Pricing

Since CertifyMe has introduced Free Trial at $0 , a lot of credentialing platforms are also doing the same, Certifier is no exception. However, the specialty of CertifyMe lies in its 24*7 customer support and availability of something for all. 

Whether you are a small, large or mid-level organization, we have everything you need. 

The professional plan of CertifyMe comes at $65/month which allows you to issue 2000 credentials. At $79/month, Certifier is promising 1000 certificates. It’s easy to understand from the numbers who the best industry player is.

8. Integrations

CertifyMe clearly mentions the LMSs it supports. There is no confusion in finding out the extensive information on its website. Simply checking the ‘Integrations’ listed in the Features section unlocks the essential details associated with it.

But the same might not be true for Certifier. There is a lack of transparency when it comes to integrations Certifier supports. Finding this information can be hectic when you are in search for a quick, streamlined and seamless solution.

1,600+ organizations rely on CertifyMe for credentialing solutions. 

Don’t take our word. Our offering has been reviewed & rated as one the top organisations across the globe.

"By utilizing CertifyMe, we can enhance the overall student experience by offering certificates or badges that can be shared on social media platforms. This not only validates their achievements but also helps in promoting our educational institution and its offerings to a wider audience."

"CertifyMe help maximize the value of our training programs with their ease to use digital credential platform. If you are looking for a partner in digital badging rather than just a service provider, then CertifyMe is the place to go to. "


Ready to explore CertifyMe? It’s fuss-free, just talk to our experts.

CertifyMe is trusted by 102K+ users across 144 countries.

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