Accredible Alternative For Digital Badging In 2023: Find Out What the Comparison Uncovers

Looking for a Substitute to Accredible?
Discover CertifyMe with its 100+ features, All-in-one digital credential software for designing, creating, and delivering badges.

CertifyMe has reformed the way students/trainees/awardees engage with organizations. From waiting days or months to receive a paper certificate that is always at risk of misplacement to freedom of online sharing of digital certificates and badges on 40+ social media channels, CertifyMe is indeed a strong competitor of Accredible.

Before we dive deep, time to take a look at the definition of Digital Credentialing:

Digital credentials are paper certificates in digital format. It comes with a badge of approval in the form of a QR or BARcode that holds all essential information such as the time/date of issuing, how long was the program, what skills the certificate holder has acquired, and the knowledge the awardee holds. Scanning the code unlocks all the vital details that an organization or institution needs to decide the authenticity of the degree or certificate.

The QR code generates a unique link that is an information container. The Bar code contains the Quantum Ledger ID. Just put the ledger ID in the Verification section of CertifyMe website and you can access all the above-mentioned details in one go. 

The virtual credentials are not mere certificates, they mark the learning achievement of an individual. These certificates describe professional entitlements, activities, qualifications, skill development programs, and assessments.

The digital certificates eliminate the stress of keeping the paper certificates in a safe place and rule out the risk of misplacement. The credentials remain accessible to the students till their validity. The awardees have complete control over the way they want the certificates to share. From printing the certificates to sharing them on LinkedIn or other social media sites, the ease of distribution is one of the most talked about traits of virtual certificates and badges. 

Ranked #1 on G2 for enterprise digital credential management software.

Reward your students with verifiable, user friendly & secure blockchain-enabled credentials.

How competent are CertifyMe and Accredible? Time to take a closer look at the organizations:

CertifyMe is a new invention and a modern take on digital credentialing. The platform aims for a seamless certification system that takes out the hassle of paper certificate management. The stress-free, efficient process of digital certificate issuing is one of the most praised features that organizations appreciate.

CertifyMe has over 102k+ users spread across 144 countries. From government businesses to financial institutions, some of the most renowned sectors and companies have chosen CertifyMe as their certification partner. 

The use cases of CertifyMe also extend to professional associations, higher education institutions, corporate training centers, and nonprofits. 

CertifyMe has taken the digital credentialing market by storm with its user-friendly interface, the flexibility of LMS integration, a dedicated account manager, customization options, and Canva-integration. The benefits of CertifyMe are endless.   

With a Free Trial option that costs $0/year, CertifyMe understands how far digital credentialing platforms have to go. It’s still a new concept that many organizations are not aware of. But its implementation can be a game changer for institutions. Virtual badges are also suitable for one-man army organizations. It helps even the smallest businesses to stand out. 

For business owners who are looking for an out-of-the-box solution, CertifyMe can be the best bet.

Accredible is another digital credentialing platform that designs, delivers, and manages virtual badges and certificates. Based on the product category, the service of Accredible is similar to CertifyMe. From social sharing options to dedicated account managers, the possibilities are endless. 

The digital credential solution verifies the authenticity of skills, achievements, and qualifications. The security and transparency this platform offers, comes with a premium rebranding solution. 

However, the primary drawback of Accredible is its pricing structure. At a fraction of the cost of Accredible, CertifyMe offers the same or a higher level of assistance. 

TRUSTED BY OVER 1600+ Institutions

8 reasons to shift your certification account to CertifyMe

Table Image
Table Image
$.5/year for 500 credentials
$960/year for 1000 recipients
Free Trial
Comparatively complex
Credential Solutions
Certificates, badges and transcripts
Certificates, badges and micro-credentials
Customization Option and Industries
Unlimited, Canva-integrated, perfect fit for both small, one-man army businesses and large-scale organizations. Whether to scale down or up, CertifyMe offers all.
Accredible badges come with a personalization option as well. However, Accredible falls in-between in the industry categorization section. It is not built to serve large industries whereas might not be budget-friendly for small or medium-size corporations as well
Consulting Services
Available even at the least expensive subscription plan
Only available in Custom plans
Wallet Option
Available on the starter plan
Customers only get it when they subscribe for the most expensive plan that can be around $5000
G2 Rating
The personalization solution is covered in every credentialing plan
Customers can access this feature only if they sign up for the most expensive plans
1-on-1 Customer Support
Accessible in every plan
Accessible only in Custom plans


Being only a 2-year-old organization, CertifyMe outperforms Accredible on portal design and interoperability. The ease of platform use and straightforward badge/certificate designing give CertifyMe an edge over Accredible. Accredible also lags in the aspect of pricing. From Free to Lite, the pricing jump can be an eyesore. CertifyMe has read between the lines and comes up with a $240/year plan ($20/month) that’s affordable even for small-scale organizations. 

1,600+ organizations rely on CertifyMe for credentialing solutions. 

Don’t take our word. Our offering has been reviewed & rated as one the top organisations across the globe.

"By utilizing CertifyMe, we can enhance the overall student experience by offering certificates or badges that can be shared on social media platforms. This not only validates their achievements but also helps in promoting our educational institution and its offerings to a wider audience."

"CertifyMe help maximize the value of our training programs with their ease to use digital credential platform. If you are looking for a partner in digital badging rather than just a service provider, then CertifyMe is the place to go to. "


Ready to explore CertifyMe? It’s fuss-free, just talk to our experts.

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